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East Coast Floats is committed to providing the highest quality float therapy experience to all customers. Our mission is to share the miraculous benefits of floating with the world and make it approachable and accessible for all.

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See it for yourself, we’ll walk you through the East Coast Floats experience on our videos page.  Watch Stephen Curry (NBA Champion and Two-Time MVP) utilize floating in his regular routine for greatness.

“Service is great”

This is highly recommended for everyone but especially those who have a challenge “slowing down” and staying connected. Service is great and cleanliness is impeccable.

“By far the best”

This facility is top notch and by far the best that Orlando has to offer with this service, and I will absolutely be going back.

“Pods are amazing”

The pods are amazing – way better than tanks – they are very spacious.

“Super helpful…super clean”

Everyone one is super helpful and it is super clean. I’d write a longer review but I’m just too relaxed.

“I will be coming back!”

I had been wanting to try floating for relaxation & meditation purposes and it absolutely enhanced the way my body felt. I will be coming back!

“Night and Day”

The staff is friendly and professional and the place just feels fresh and relaxing.  Night and Day from the other place I tried.

“I just feel…better.”

I felt so rejuvenated afterwards, almost like I got a reallllly good nights rest but without the grogginess and more spunk. Some minor leg and shoulder aches I had seemed to have melted away. I just feel…better.

“Inexpensive, healthy and peaceful!”

East Coast Floats was an amazing and relaxing experience.  Inexpensive, healthy and peaceful!

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