Summer is here in full force. Here in Florida, the weather is hot and humid and the afternoon thunderstorms are here to prove that. For many, summer means showing some skin, keeping up with shaving or waxing, lightening your hair and often times spray tans. In between beach trips, boating excursions and playing in the water at one of the many Springs Florida has to offer, we hope you keep up with floating. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you! Floating has become second nature for many of you, but we still want to share some summertime float tips that will hopefully, prove to be useful.

Tip #1 Spray Tan AFTER you float or wait 72 hours.
As you know, spray tans aren’t permanent and the tanning solution is known to rub off. We recommend avoiding a spray tan for at least 72 hours before floating. We wouldn’t want the tanning solution to dissolve into the Epsom salt tank nor accidently dye the sides of the pod.

Tip #2 Float First, Shave Later or wait 12 hours.
Shaving the day of or day before floating can lead to distractions and slight stinging while floating. Although you may not feel pain or razor burn before you float, once submerged in 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt you’ll see that something as small as shaving can deter you on your path to relaxation.

Tip #3 Before Floating: Wait for dyed hair color to set.
If you have a professional hair stylist, this may not be that big of a deal. If you dye your hair at home, we know that it bleeds out for a few days and sometimes up to a week. Double check to be sure the water runs clear after you shampoo to avoid sharing your color with our pod.

Tip #4 Recent tattoos or cuts should be healed before floating.
Salt and open wounds don’t mix! Epsom salt is anti-septic, but immersing any serious skin breaks or recent tattoos will certainly be a game changer for the floater. You can cover small nicks and scratches with petrolatum and a Band-Aid, but wait until stitches, tattoos and cuts have healed over.

Tip #5 Float First, indulge in adult beverages after.
Summertime and the livin’s easy. We get that, however if you have a float appointment, do yourself a favor and stay away from alcohol before your float. Drinking before floating will not give you best results. You should float to relax your body and mind, in a natural state.

We hope these summertime float tips come in handy because we want EVERY float to be your BEST float! Click here to book your next float.