Recuperate. Rejuvenate. R.E.S.T.

Over the past few years we’ve heard testimonies from professional athletes and celebrities, and now more and more are becoming vocal about their love for floating! Some include NFL stars Tom Brady and JJ Watt, NBA star Steph Curry, UFC fighter Tom Watson, and Olympian Carl Lewis. But how do these athletes benefit from Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST)?

Here’s how… Floatation pods create an environment where your sensory perception is very restricted. No light, sound, or tactile information is reaching your brain.  Gravity places a constant force that the body must fight and a strain on the bones, joints, and muscles. With the reduction of gravity perception in the tank, we are given a break from this powerful force and blood is able to circulate throughout the body more easily.  

Sleep is one of the most helpful tools to use in aiding recovery from workouts, injuries, marathons, and stress in general.  A good night’s sleep can do more for you than pharmaceuticals ever will. When you get enough sleep your body resets itself, processes toxins, and regulates organ function.  Here are some facts posted by Wood University on how sleep is beneficial for recovery:

  • Human Growth Hormone is released while you sleep. This helps your body maintain and repair muscles.
  • One night of sleep deprivation can make you as insulin resistant as someone with type 2 diabetes.
    • Insulin resistance translates to decreased sex-drive, obesity, and aging.
  • Fatigued driving can be as bad or worse than drunk driving.
  • Graveyard Shift workers are more likely to suffer from diabetes and cancer.
  • Sleep Debt is a myth. Catching up on sleep on weekends is a flawed approach. It doesn’t work. The damage is already done.

Since the floatation pods provide this restricted stimulus environment, both the brain and the body are forced to relax or rest.  By soaking in a float pod with 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt, the body absorbs magnesium sulfate through the skin and ultimately accelerates recovery time. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant that reduces inflammation and pain, moves lactic acid build up to reduce muscle cramping. All of which allows sore muscles regain their strength quicker and relieves or prevents injuries!

Though you may have never won a Superbowl or been an MVP, floatation therapy can ease those muscle aches and pains that wear you down every day or get you back on your feet quicker after an injury. Book your appointment online or give us a call today! 407-203-5836 and stay tuned to the next post Athletes Use Floating To Improve their Game

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