It’s a new year, which means you’re probably setting new goals and expectations for your personal and professional lives. The new year allows us to start over with a clean slate and leave the previous year in the dust. This could be the year you accomplish some major goals! Adding float therapy to your weekly routine could help you stay focused, refreshed and feeling good so you can accomplish all your 2018 goals. Here are 3 BIG reasons you should add float therapy to your routine.

1. Floating aids in healing soreness from workouts

If you’re like just about every other American, you probably want to either get fit this year or lose weight. Unless you have already been consistently working out, you may want to plan on being sore the first few months after starting a new workout routine. Let’s face it, being super sore after an intense workout SUCKS! It hurts to walk and hurts to stretch, PLUS you probably won’t return to workout until the soreness goes away, which gets in the way of your weekly goals. This is a problem many people face, however, we have the solution! Routine float therapy decreases muscle soreness. Heck, floating immediately after your workout will reduce soreness. Soaking in 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt allows the body to absorb magnesium which speeds up recovery time. Don’t let soreness stop you from reaching your goals…schedule weekly floats today!

2. Floating could help your depression

Did you know, January is statistically the most depressing month of the year? It may be because the holidays have come and gone or because you didn’t accomplish the goals you wanted to last year. It may also be because of the gloomy or cold weather. No matter what is causing your depression, float therapy could really help you get that spark back that you’ve been missing. While floating, all outside stimulation is eliminated. It’s just you, floating and feeling relaxed. During and after floating, people experience feelings of positivity, creativity, and relaxation. Don’t you think those feelings would help fight your depression? We do.

3. You need a break from technology

How often do you look at your phone? How often do you hear a “ding,” phone ring, TV commercial, radio commercial, music, etc? It’s NEVER ENDING! It’s 2018 and we are COMPLETELY obsessed with technology. It’s unavoidable and it’s everywhere we turn. Most people take breaks from technology once or twice a year by camping or going on vacation…that’s awesome, but you should really take breaks more often. You would be surprised at how floating in complete silence without ANY distractions cleanses your soul. Think about it, do you get complete and utter silence, without any distractions at all during the week? We bet you don’t because sleeping doesn’t count! Start 2018 off right and add float therapy to your weekly routine. Your mind needs a break from all the commotion technology creates in our everyday lives.

Heal your soreness, be happier and UNPLUG this year. You deserve it! Click here to schedule your floats in advance so you make time for a healthier, better you.