Becoming your best self is all about discovering who you really are, creating healthy routines and overall DOING YOUR BEST. Being your best self does not mean you have to live by anyone else’s rules. It means you’re doing your best FOR YOU. Routines and healthy habits are sometimes hard to stick to, but honestly, being the best you can be is easier than making mistakes day after day or being let down by your actions. As long as you’re trying to be your best self, you will see the stars will start to align. Here are 5 powerful ways we believe will help you become your best self.

  1. Create healthy habits

Creating healthy habits doesn’t mean you have to give up all the things you love. It means you need a balance and you need to find healthy habits that YOU ENJOY. Keep in mind, it usually takes two months for a habit to stick. If your healthy habit is to start eating a nutritious breakfast every morning, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a few days within the first couple months. As long as you’re doing your best, your best self will SHINE! 

    2.  Focus on self-care

If you want to function at your best, we strongly believe self-care is a must. It’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves because we’re busy or overwhelmed, but taking time to eat, exercise, float, meditate, etc. is well worth the time. Self-care prevents overload burnout, reduces the negative effects of stress and helps you focus.

    3. Have fun

Fun is something many of us may push to the side because we’re too busy or too tired to actually do things we consider fun. Sometimes we get into a routine doing something we make ourselves believe is fun, although it’s not. We suggest trying to have fun like you used to as a child. Go on a thrilling roller coaster ride or laugh until your stomach hurts…have a genuinely good time and promote laughter and fun every chance you get.

    4. Set goals

Goals are what take us forward in life and keep us yearning for more. Whether it’s a personal or work goal, there is nothing more fulfilling than accomplishing a goal. Keep in mind, not all goals are meant to be achieved in a short amount of time. We suggest setting realistic goals with time-frames and utilize healthy habits and self-care to reach your goals.

    5. Keep a positive attitude

One of the most powerful things you can do as a human is STAY POSITIVE. There are going to be days where you want to complain all day or simply give up, but trust us, you will be your BEST SELF if you stay positive. A positive attitude can bring positive opportunities your way and put those around you in a better mood.

At East Coast Floats, we deprive the senses of sight, sound, and touch with float therapy. While in the pod, you will be floating in zero gravity with zero distractions. Your mind will get a chance to unplug and your body will float weightlessly, relieving any strain on joints and muscles. While in the tank, you have the opportunity to manifest your best life and set goals. Float therapy is known as the easiest way to reach deep meditation, ultimately helping you focus on what really matters without any distractions.

Take our advice and don’t put self-care on the back-burner. Start today by scheduling your next self-care session at East Coast Floats. Click here to view our specials and book your sauna session + float!