Welcome to East Coast Floats


Hi, and welcome.

We’re Mark and Laurie, the faces behind East Coast Floats, and we wanted to take a few minutes just to say hello and chat a bit about what a spa experience with us is really like.

We provide the deep healing experiences of sensory deprivation flotation and full spectrum infrared sauna in a clean, relaxing and friendly environment where anyone can practice relaxation and deep meditation, cultivate creativity, and nurture the body’s need for rest and recovery.

Treat yourself to the relaxation your mind and body needs at East Coast Floats: Florida’s premier flotation center located in downtown Baldwin Park.  We are proud to say that we were the first float center approved by the Florida Department of Health, and since 2014 we have helped several others open their float center doors in Florida and across the nation.

Float therapy is not new, really.  Just new to the spa scene in Orlando. It’s been around since the 1950’s, and while we’ve given you all the science behind it here on our website we thought we would share the answers to what we always get asked by people who have never visited a float spa before.  Please visit our FAQ’s, video and blog pages for more information.