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Ways We Reduce Stress

Whether we like it or not, stress creeps up on us every day due to a number of reasons. In such a busy and stressful stage of life, it’s hard not to feel pulled in every direction. We can’t keep stress away, but we can change the way we manage it. Here are some of our...

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Things are Always Working Out

This week we have been through the hurriedness of preparing our properties for Irma, the shortage of necessary supplies, the uncertainty of her direction, and then the mental stress of riding the storm out and worrying about loved ones who are doing the same. Now we...

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Summertime Tips For Floating

Summer is here in full force. Here in Florida, the weather is hot and humid and the afternoon thunderstorms are here to prove that. For many, summer means showing some skin, keeping up with shaving or waxing, lightening your hair and often times spray tans. In between...

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