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Opening a float center is a huge project with a tremendous amount of unknowns. There’s no reason you have to go it alone. Modern Float has 12 years of combined experience and we are here to help you every step of the way. Our consulting services help you prepare a detailed business plan, find funding for your project, determine the right location and float pods, and find the best priced supplies. We can consult on construction build out, operations, marketing and expansion. We also provide float pod installation and training, float center training, and water quality controls.


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Consulting Services

Our packages of expert services and materials will help you get from planning to opening in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of headaches, stress and cost.

We focus on providing good value for money, and have put together a variety of offerings at a fixed price for your benefit.

Custom and add-on consulting is also available if your project requires it.  Our approach is to let you pick and choose from the things you need at the times you need it.

Pod Sales

Float Factory is a dealer for several manufacturers of float therapy systems located around the world. It’s the only company able to offer independent advice and help you navigate through the many choices available to you. Mark Bowers at East Coast Floats is the lead salesperson for the US and Canada, and he and the team at Float Factory can assist you in finding the right float tank, pod, cabin or room for your needs. Get educated on the ins and outs of equipment purchases, site requirements, shipping, receiving and installation.

Leasing and Financing

Pods at $499/month

Rates will vary based on the applicant and the of the float tank. We’ve partnered with several financing and leasing companies in the US and Canada. Please contact us for information on the process of third-party funding for qualified applicants.

Professional Installation

Installation, Set Up and Training for Royal Spa Pods

1 pod $1,500
2 pods $2,100
3 pods $2,800
plus travel and accommodations for one installer

Business Planning

Develop an attractive, useful, analytical plan that will ensure you are making the right decisions for your investment dollars and better guarantee your future success. We share real world numbers, business analysis, and target demographics that aid in building a functional business plan.

Demographics, Competitive Analysis, Marketing, Financing and More

$1000.  Includes Complete Business Plan Template

We provide a comprehensive business plan template with float industry specific information that you customize with your target market demographics, competitive analysis, financial projections and marketing plan; it is designed for those seeking funding to open their float center.  We also offer a Basic Business Plan Template ($750) that is not intended for those seeking SBA funding does not include the Financial Projections Workbook.  The Basic Template is designed for you to lay out your idea and explore its feasibility.

Preferred Partners

Choosing the right software for your start-up is so important.  Its definitely something you want to do right the first time and we are here to help you do that.  It’s important to choose software platforms that work well together: software that has the ability to integrate well with others and provide outstanding customer service.  It’s also beneficial to know who’s growing, improving and ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing digital world.  Click the logos below to learn more about our preferred partners.

Frederick Partnership

“Frederick has been a very useful re-marketing tool for us.  I talk about Frederick as if he’s a real person because he reduces my workload tremendously.  He reaches out to our clients for feedback that can be published online, books appointments directly from emails/texts, and captures leads that are vital to growing our float center business.  He definitely makes my job easier!”

Booker Partnership

“We utilize everything Booker has to offer: Scheduling, Reporting, Membership Mgmt, Employee Mgmt, and Training Videos for new staff.  I love that Booker continues to grow.” -Laurie B.

Location Development

Prepare an intelligent approach to location selection, lease negotiation, design, construction and décor. Developing your float spa with operations in mind can prevent bloated labor costs, maintenance issues, sanitation problems and DOH headaches.

$750 Package Cost

Includes: materials and phone/email consultations

  • Pinpoint your Target Demographics
  • In Depth Location Analysis
  • Construction/Material Recommendations
  • Architectural Guidance
  • Room Design and Layout

Float Academy

Get specialized training floatation experts to ensure you have the tools necessary for a smooth running, turn-key operation. We tailor our training to meet your needs; no two trainings are the same because no two situations are the same. This hands-on learning experience offers a unique and immensely valuable way to understand the daily operations of a float center.


Hands-On Training and Apprenticeships

$1800 First person ; discounts for each additional person.

Extensive Training up to 12 hours over 2 consecutive days.

  • Opening & Closing Procedures
  • Customer Management
  • Tank Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Water Chemistry
  • Order of Daily Operations

Option 1: Onsite at East Coast Floats (Orlando, Florida)
Spend two days in sunny Orlando with Mark and Laurie and participate in operations. Come for the education but stay a bit longer to enjoy everything the area has to offer. We can also assist in recommending transport, lodging, dining and regional attractions.

Option 2: Your Location
Not able to travel or prefer for us to train the staff at your center? We can arrange to be on-site at your location. Please note that travel expenses will be required in addition to the academy fee.

Other Services


Set yourself up for success with a plan that allows you to make educated decisions about your operations, training, purchasing, price strategies, and create a system of accountability within your business.

  • Industry best practices
  • Recommended software and set up guidelines
  • How to get the most out of your Point of Sales system
  • Suggested suppliers
  • Employee training

Department of Health Assistance

Whether your Department of Health is currently involved with floating in your community or has a hands-off approach, setting up your float center to meet public pool regulations during the development stages is an easy way to protect yourself against future inconveniences.

Compliance Package for Florida Clients: We offer a hourly and package rates for new and existing centers who need assistance in meeting the requirements listed under the Florida State 64E-9 Modifications. We’ll help you with the applications and preparing for meeting with the variance boards and local officials. Please inquire for more information.