Aquanaut Float Memberships

Revitalize with monthly 1-Hour Floats in a gravity-free, sensory free environment and feel your achy muscles relax, stress melt away and mental clarity return.  Unlimited additional floats @$49 each. Bring friends in to enjoy your $49 rate.  No Annual Contract and Shareable! 

Aquanaut 1 Float Plans include 1 1-Hour Floats per month $49

Aquanaut 2 Float Plans include 2 1-Hour Floats per month $90

**Aquanaut 3 Float Plans include 3 1-Hour Floats per month $99**

Aquanaut 4 Float Plans include 4 1-Hour Floats per month $180

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Unlimited Weekday Float Plan

Choosing an Unlimited Float Plan to maintain your health; improve your sleep; recover from injury, surgery, addiction; and relieve chronic conditions such as pain, anxiety, and depression with daily 1-HOUR floats scheduled before 6pm.  Extended or Out-of-plan floats just $49.  One-time sign-up fee $39.  Bring the family in to enjoy your $49 rate on weekdays and earn loyalty points each time.  Enjoy an additional $10 off Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna sessions.  Minimum 6-month commitment; auto charged monthly.

Unlimited Weekday Plan for $199

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Corporate Float Plans

Workplace Wellness Programs are a great way to reduce work-related stress for your employees. Floating can also be used to help your employees focus on complex tasks or creative projects. Regular floating may increase the productivity of your staff and leave them feeling refreshed at the same time.  It is a shareable plan with rollover options.

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Corporate Level 1 – 10 Floats        $390 / month shareable with up to 5 employees

Corporate Level 2 – 20 Floats        $780 / month shareable with up to10 employees

Corporate Level 3 – 50 Floats        $1,950 / month shareable with up to 25 employees


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