Wacky Wednesdays

Float a Friend for $10
  • We want to help you get through the week with this wacky summer special. It’s easy! Just book a $69 float for yourself and your friend floats for just $10. Available before 6:00 pm on Wednesday.  Discount given at checkout.
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Intro to Floating Offer

There's no better time to try floating
  • It may take time to adjust to the unusual sensation of floating effortlessly and to quiet your monkey mind chatter the first time  We recommend trying your first float at East Coast Floats and suggest floating twice more in a short period of time to experience optimum results. We’ve designed the Intro Offer of Three 1-HOUR floats for $117 to encourage the practice of frequent floating for health. Everything worth doing is worth practicing. Floats series specials are not shareable and expire 90 days after first use.
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Special offers are subject to end at any time.