Intro to Floating Offer

Buy 2 - Get 1 Free
  • It may take time to adjust to the unusual sensation of floating effortlessly and to quiet your monkey mind chatter the first time  We recommend trying your first float at East Coast Floats and suggest floating twice more in a short period of time to experience optimum results. We’ve designed the Intro Offer of Buy 2 Get on FREE for 1-HOUR floats for just $138 to encourage the practice of frequent floating for health. Everything worth doing is worth practicing; experts say it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. We’ve got this covered!
  • Floats series are never shareable and expire 90 days after first use. One-time purchase for First-time float clients ONLY.  Look for the Buy 2 – Get 1 series on our booking site.  Buy now or book now and convert to this package.
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The Ultimate Float Series

is now completely shareable
  • We’ve just made our Ultimate 10-pack of floats completely shareable forever.   Each float session is 1-Hour of pure bliss. Keep the happiness all to yourself or share them with a friend.  Every new friend you float at East Coast Floats earns $5 in loyalty points just for you.  Share your love of floating today.  The Ultimate Series expires 180 days after first use.
  • “I can’t explain the feeling of anticipating my next float. It’s like I know I’m going to shed a weight I’ve been needlessly carrying around. It’s just such a relief, I feel lighter, happier, more energetic. Trying it once was not enough for me, there’s nothing like it. – Dawn L.
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